Are you an entrepreneur feeling diffident about taking your products or services to Germany?

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For a number of years, I have been assisting business people from various countries to be successful with their business plans in Germany.

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How uncertain do you feel about presenting your company’s excellent products or services on the German market? What type of trusted and effective support do you need to carry out your vision of success in Germany?

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I know, Germans can be so painfully direct or don’t understand your business approach and way of working?

My job is to help you understand Germany’s business culture and guide you through your day-to-day challenges in this country – as your sparring or mentoring partner.

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I am a multilingual, intercultural German coach for business people from any part of the world, arriving in Germany and in need of effective and trusted professional support while over here. Frequent business travellers know: there are plenty of cross-cultural pitfalls awaiting foreign managers wishing to present their companies or close deals with their German counterparts. Cultural or language-based misunderstandings can lead to considerable loss and frustration on both sides. If you wish to prepare your steps to Germany and ensure a smooth introduction and  process, my intercultural support offer may be just right for you.

Based on my experience as a certified translator and interpreter, I will be your trusted contact to help you gain a quick understanding of German business culture and etiquette as well as other issues relative to Germany. On request, I will be glad to accompany you to meetings and events. With your communication with German partners running smoothly from start to finish, you may establish excellent contacts and quickly reach your goals in Germany.


Who is Doris Graf?

Doris Graf is a German expert for diffident entrepreneurs of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) hoping to do business in Germany. As an experienced certified interpreter (English, Spanish, German), Doris offers international business people trusted and effective support to ensure they will successfully reach their business goals in Germany.    


I still remember how, many years ago, I toyed with the idea of taking my project to another country, not knowing what to expect and hardly able to speak the language. Feelings of uncertainty about the outcome and fear of failure would alternate with the desire to move ahead. Finally, I took the decision and today, with the intercultural experience gained in countries like Britain, Spain, France as well as languages studied and exercised in my capacity as a certified translator and interpreter, I am now in a position to offer business people from abroad the kind of effective support they need to experience the success they are looking for –

as indeed will my background as a trained coach and member of a large business network.

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